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Living Styles

    What do you take for granted where you're living? A mall a mile away? A McDonalds down the street? A two-story house? People living in Grenada -- in most of the Caribbean -- don't usually have these. As we were driving through the outskirts of Grenada, we could see many different types of houses.

    Few were made of wood. It's difficult and expensive to get wood in the islands because none or almost none of them have good lumber trees, which means they have to import it from somewhere. Some houses were nothing but corrugated metal, with pieces of wood holding them up off the ground. In these, there were probably three rooms: living area, and two bedrooms. The kitchen was a separate building, and they used an outhouse. Better-off people had houses of cinderblocks or cement. But even with those, not many had multiple levels.


    But that was up in northern Grenada. We hadn't gotten down to the southern parts yet. Now that we're in Prickly Bay, I see things are completely different here. I guess you could say this is where the rich(er) people live. Houses are big, with multiple levels, and all made out of concrete. They have lots of land, and the landscaping is beautiful. If I had to live in Grenada, I would much prefer living on Prickly Bay then inland or in St. George's. It's not much different from the States, except for the somewhat beaten-up roads and everyone drives on the left (crazy people).

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