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A favorite way for me to take a break
A favorite way for me to take a break

    Hello and welcome to my section of the Hacking Family Website!

   Some time in the near future I'm planning to completely turn this site upside down and inside out and make it more... well, ME. See, I've actually been pretty lax and therefore haven't done much here recently. So most of this site was actually written when I was 12 or 14. And now that I'm 18, that's actually rather embarrassing. So. Stay tuned, I will hopefully have something new and interesting on here soon.

Such as my new section of journals I kept as we traveled through Thailand and Sri Lanka, and a few entries from other times and places. I hope to add more as we do more exploring and I hope for all our sakes that my pencil does not stop scratching on the paper because "it's too much work."




    I still have a page about our long-suffering sea-cat Arthur, who is living happily in California with my uncle's family.


    My school section includes my artwork, language arts assignments, and an overview of schooling while cruising. Much of that section is from when I was 12-15. My recent schoolwork is more book-based and not easy to put on the site.


    You can also read about me. It's basically my views on this cruising life.

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