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Condor Andino
    New additions to this part of the site: People Comparison, a comparison of observations I have made regarding people in Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, and the Lesser Antilles against what I remember of people back home. Then, when I went back to Washington for a five-month "visit" I got another culture-shock at the differences between "home" and people on boats/islands we've gone to - that led to another comparison essay. And I also realized that there's a required essay for 9th graders at EAS - a reflection essay. Since my view is so unique to the rest of EAS and, well, pretty much everyone, my parents decided that should go on the site, too. All three of them are basically comparisons and my views of cruising/living ashore.

 While in the Marquesas, we went to a tattoo museum, as the word tattoo originally came from Marquesian tatu. The write-up is all about the traditional way of tattooing in the Marquesas.

    The Arriving in Merida, Condor Andino, and Teleférico pages are of our trip into inland Venezuela - of the Andes and Merida state.

    For more of my writing of what we have done, go to my Excursions page.

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