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Jon Hacking

Jon Hacking - The grey in the beard is from raising teenagers...
Jon Hacking
The grey in my beard is from raising teenagers!

OK, folks have been bugging me to put up pages of my own.  Problem is, while I might have lots of things to say (you'd know that if you'd ever met me) it's not very organized (ditto).  So these pages will probably end up being my miscellaneous ramblings, and a repository for *stuff* that doesn't fit anywhere else.  Hey, don't blame me.  I wasn't going to pollute this fine site with the semi-literate ramblings of an Engineer - I was bullied into it!

This trip isn't our first time cruising.  Sue and I cruised for 7 years in the 80s.  We crewed up from Cape Town, South Africa, in the Sabi Star, getting pirated in Brazil before buying Oriental Lady in the Caribbean.  I've compiled a handful of the more interesting stories from that era in my Pre-History Stories section.

For folks wanting to get in touch with us (and we enjoy hearing from you) I've included a section on how to contact us.  Note that we've recently dropped our satellite phone service as it was getting too expensive (US$700/year) and we rarely used it.

Although I'm not really a beer drinker, I've started brewing my own - and found that it's good fun, cheap, and very drinkable.  So I've started a section on Homebrew on board, with brewing procedures and my brew log.

Several folks have asked how we put together a website like this, so I've put together a page on web-development tricks and traps, as well as some info on how to get started.  Mostly pretty basic stuff, but I hope it will help folks starting out with their own websites.

When we cruised in the 80s, there weren't nearly as many communications options as we have today.  Email is wonderful, but to be able to get email right on the boat is even better - a real godsend to us cruisers craving contact from friends and family.

While it may look like it, I'm not really retired.  I enjoy my computer engineering and will need to get back to it when this trip is done, so I've posted my resume.

Finally, we've decided to post our web-archives here, mostly because they didn't really fit anywhere else.  These are collections of our previous home-pages.  It's kind of fun to see how the website has evolved as we've become more sophisticated over the years.

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