Red Rocks

Red Rocks
Carib Reservation

    I hadn't really been listening to Martin tell the adults where we were going, so when I first stepped out of the van to see a little house and waist-high grass, I wasn't sure where we were.

    Martin took us along a little trail in the grass to a clearing. The red dirt under my feet gave me the first idea - I had heard Martin talking about red rocks by the sea. After a short walk through the forest, and the identifying of several local plants, we could see the waves that we were hearing, and see the red rocks we had been told about.An interesting red rock outcropping in Dominica

    It looked like a large field of red, gently sloping down to the water, 100 ft from the edge of the forest. Martins played around on the clay, flying off when we came too close. Large cracks ran through the clay, creating blow-holes for the crashing waves. Down inside the cracks were several types of ferns. Martin showed us how the spores on the back would come off onto your skin, and created a fern tattoo by pressing the backside of the plant to his arm. I did it, too, although I only found the yellow kind, not silver.Fern-spore pattern on my arm

    Deep in one of the cracks, a big one, above sea level, there was what looked like a doorway into the hillside. I thought it would have been cool to go down there and explore, but we didn't. I knew that, had we been there all day, I probably would have wandered all over the place, exploring all the deep ravines. But, sadly, we had to get back to the van so we could go somewhere else that's fun and exciting!

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