St. Lucia

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May 5, 2002

1100 - 1300

Anse Cochon, St. Lucia


Coral-covered rocky cliff

    St. Lucia has many protected reef areas, so underwater in Anse Cochon has had time to grow up and repair damage done by people and boats over the years.

    A rocky cliff drops into the water, and then tapers off to a sandy bottom at about 20 feet. The reef has obviously had time to grow, as the rock is almost entirely encrusted with live coral and sponge. Many fish live around here, where they can get protection and food from the reef.

    This is the first time we have been to a truly protected reef down here, and I think that's the reason that this reef is so undamaged and complete, unlike the others.


Dominant species -

 - Rainbow parrotfish (all phases)

 - Volcano sponge

 - Sergeant major

 - Spiny urchins

 - Stoplight parrotfish (Terminal, initial)

 - Creole Wrasse

 - Comb Jellies

 - Bowl sponge

 - Sea fan (purple, green)

Other identified species -

 - Flying gurnard

 - Spotted eagle-ray


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