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November 25, 2002

1500 - 1600

Playa Yaque, La Blanquilla, Venezuela


Encrusted rocky peninsula

    The ecoregion is mainly big boulders, partially covered by some sort of encrusting coral. There are a few brain corals around, but not a lot. Mainly, the only things there are brown feather coral, and purple sea fans, which are spread all over. Many overhangs, crevices, and valleys provide hiding spaces for a great variety of fish, from blueheads to French angelfish, to porcupine fish

    The underwater peninsula was created by rocks tumbling from the cliff. It is on the leeward side of the island, so it's not open to the currents and coral polyps. With a southern swell, waves can occasionally break onto the coral, killing it. On the beach, there are many rocks and coral skeletons pushed up by the waves.


Adaptations -

 - Balloonfish - when eaten or threatened, it inflates, stabbing the other fish with poisonous spines. Most fish know about them, and stay clear.

 - Red-lipped blenny - uses its pectoral fins to grab onto the rocks, keeping it in place as the surge shifts everything else.


Dominant species -

 - Brown feather coral

 - Fire coral

 - Purple sea fans

 - Bluehead

 - Red-lipped blenny

 - Ocean surgeonfish

 - Striped goatfish

 - Queen parrotfish (initial phase)

 - Princess parrotfish

Other identified species

 - French angelfish

 - Four-eye butterflyfish

 - Balloonfish

 - Porcupine fish

 - Yellow volcano coral

 - Cuttlefish

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