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Twelfth Day – Return to Margarita

We got up early the next morning and wrote about our trip in Alan’s guest book. We designated ourselves the ‘Riders of the Storm’ after the way we had gone rafting in the thunderstorm. Although the family from Pelican decided to stay another day and wait for Dream Catcher, we wanted to return to Ocelot as soon as possible. My mom called the airlines to found out seat availabilities back to Margarita, and we found that we could get back that day. Our family grabbed our bags and caught a taxi to the airport.

We arrived before eight o’clock, and got tickets for a flight back to Isla de Margarita (Island of Margarita) by way of the capital, Caracas. There was time before our flight to eat breakfast, which we took in a small shop selling arepas and empanadas. After our quick meal, we went down to the terminal and boarded our plane. It was the same kind that had brought us to Mérida; a small and cramped prop plane. We crammed our carry on bags wherever they would fit, and waited out the flight back to the Maiquetia airport, which is near the capitol city, Caracas.

As before, we had lunch in Maiquetia while we waited for our flight to Margarita. It was afternoon when we got back to Margarita Island. We took a taxi back to the marina, where Ocelot was waiting as we had left her, and Arthur was very happy to see us. After we moved all of our stuff back onto the boat and dealt with payment, we cast off our lines, pulled up the anchor, and returned to the Porlamar anchorage.

It was the third when we left, and we got back on the fourteenth. It had only been ten full days, or eleven nights, since we left. I could hardly believe it. What a trip!

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