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My parents traveled to inland Venezuela several times from their old boat in the 80s, and wanted to visit it again with us. We had been in Porlamar, Margarita for several weeks before we went, and planned that we would take the trip along with two other cruising families. Our initial plan called for a week to ten days ashore, seeing Mérida city and some of the Andes, but reality was a bit different. What follows is my account of the trip, written in journal format with my impression and descriptions, and seen from my point of view.

The twelve days are each on their own page, which are described as follows:

  1. Leaving Margarita, flying to inland Venezuela, and arriving in Mérida
  2. Touring the Andean paramo (highlands) in Mérida state.
  3. Riding the Teleférico and going to Los Nevados.
  4. Exploring and relaxing in Los Nevados
  5. Riding mules out of Los Nevados
  6. Returning to Mérida and finding a Los Llanos tour
  7. Problems with our first tour, and finding a new one
  8. Beginning our new tour, and whitewater rafting in a thunderstorm
  9. Exploring Los Llanos (The Lowlands) by road in day and river at night
  10. Los Llanos river tour and driving to a horse ranch
  11. Horseback riding, enjoying a hot spring, and returning to Mérida
  12. Flying out from Mérida to Margarita, and returning to Ocelot

Our trip to inland Venezuela was quite possibly our most interesting excursion since we moved on board Ocelot. First off, we went with two other families that have kids - Pelican with thirteen-year-old Kat, and Dream Catcher with twelve-year-old Natalie and her younger brother Chris. Second, we spent almost two weeks ashore, by far the longest time we have been off the boat since we got on it in SXM. Third, the area we were in was absolutely wonderful.

The trip started with us putting Ocelot in a marina, and arranging for somebody to take care of it and Arthur while we were ashore. Fortunately, it was easy to arrange for somebody to come on board every day. He agreed to feed the cat and flush some water through the watermaker every two days, so we did not need to pickle it (preserve with biocide).

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