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My e-mail address, written on the clear water of the Tobago Cays    E-mail is the easiest way to contact us on Ocelot. We each have land based e-mail addresses, which we check at internet cafes on shore. We try to check at least once every two weeks, except of course while we are on a long passage. If you find the site, go ahead and send us a message! Since searchbots (used by people hunting for addresses to spam) can find e-mail written as text, and possibly even straight text in a graphic, I have created images with our e-mail addresses hand written in. We can receive attachments and long messages, but PLEASE don't send digital greeting cards or those types of things (anything that asks for somebody's e-mail is harvesting it for spammers.) Thank you! We can also be reached on the boat by HAM e-mail.

    Another way to reach us is by HAM radio. My dad and I have General class HAM licenses, which let us use the High frequency AMateur bands to reach almost anywhere in the world. My call sign is KD7NDF, but I don't listen very often. If you want to set up a time to talk over the radio, e-mail me at the address above. We can also use the HAM set to make phone patch calls back to the mainland, but that is more to allow us to reach the outside world. The HAM radio can also be used to send and receive small e-mails. We check that e-mail almost every day, no matter where we are.

My dad's e-mail address, superimposed on a Pacific sunrise 1000 miles from land    We used to maintain an Iridium satellite telephone - the number was (011) 88163-152-1649. Yes, 12 digits long, plus three more to reach the Iridium service. It can connect to anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the subscription was becoming much too expensive (the plan we have been using is no longer offered), so we can no longer use it as a phone.  With an active subscription and a special modem, Iridium phones can also be used for a (slow and expensive) connection to the internet, but we do not currently have either.

    If you want to find out more about the equipment mentioned here, check out my communication equipment page and my dad's radio e-mail page.

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