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Basically the most common questions I get about our life are 'How do you like it?' and 'What is living on a boat like?' In short, 'I like it, but not for life' and 'Fun, but different.' To provide a more complete answer, and tell a lot about our life, I've created these pages. I should point out that, while I do try to generalize about cruising, these essays are written from my point of view. Most of them relate cruising to life ashore.

Cruising Impressions: How do I feel about the cruising life?

    Life on Ocelot. A general overview of cruising.

    Traveling. What cruising really is.

    Sailing. Not the same thing as cruising.


Cruising Goals: What do I enjoy and look forward to in cruising?

    Meeting other cruisers. Interacting with the cruising community.

    Exploring ashore. Getting ashore and seeing the islands.

    Exploring underwater. Snorkeling and diving in this lovely water.

    Experiencing cultures. Meeting people from such different backgrounds.


Cruising Priorities: What does a cruiser need to think about?

    Provisioning. No grocery (or hardware) stores on the open seas.

    Electricity and water. Critical, but we make our own.

    Weather. Every sailor's concern.

    Schedules. The bane of a cruiser.


What I Miss: What do I wish I could do while cruising?

    Internet and telephone. It is hard to be disconnected.

    Driving. Not specifically cars, but long distances.

    Sports. Awfully few are possible on a 45' x 22' boat.


What We Do: What is a day on the boat like?

    School. Also see my section on boat school.

    Meals and chores. Cruising, but not a cruise ship.

    Recreation on Ocelot. We try to enjoy life a little.

    Moving Ocelot. Not every day, but often enough.

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