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Lunch is finished, it's too hot to go outside, and everybody is taking a siesta. What is there to do on board? In short, books and games. I love reading, but sometimes it is fun to do something more interactive.

People (including my parents) are sometimes astounded by the number of books we have on Ocelot. It helps that we all share some interests in genres (sci-fi and fantasy; my mom also likes mystery and drama.) Amanda and I both tend to read very quickly (and we spend hours reading each day) so such a large collection is necessary to provide variation.

Even so, we have read (and often re-read) nearly everything on board. I quite enjoy re-reading a good book, but I prefer to wait a while and sometimes I look at the shelves and it seems I've read everything recently. The solution to this is book swaps. Since bookstores are rare down here (and most have very few novels, if any, in English), cruisers often leave books at a swap and pick up new ones. Unfortunately, the books at swaps tend towards the lower end in terms of quality, and most are read-once types like murder mysteries or such (not my kind of book). In general, I find very few of them that are worth taking. Oh well, occasionally a good one comes along, and if a mystery is all that is available, it will get me from one swap to the next.

I actually usually prefer games, but options are limited down here. I've never been a big video-gamer (partially because we've never had a TV) but I used to play strategy computer games all the time. Unfortunately, power limitations make games a rare treat, and I can't play online anyhow. I do occasionally play a game with my dad or another cruiser, but not often.

That leaves sports, board games, and card games. We have several games such as Scrabble, chess, backgammon, and so forth, but not nearly as many as some other boats have. Still, it is enough for us to sit down and play a game of UpWords some evening, or spend time on passage with a game of chess.

Card games we play all the time, both solitaire (in several forms) and competitive games like hearts, 13's, cribbage, etc. Four-way games are a good way to spend time after dinner with all of the family. I also enjoy collecting and playing Magic, The Gathering, a collectible card game. Even though the cards aren't available down here, it is still fun to play with the decks I have.

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