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Since both Amanda and I are essentially homeschooled, our school schedules are very flexible. Although professionals back home help coordinate both of our curricula, our day-to-day work is mostly under our own control. This is a good thing, since the cruising life makes sticking to a rigid schedule difficult.

Most mornings, we spend several hours studying independently. Subjects such as math and science we can learn from books. Also in the morning, my mom will sometimes work with me on French and/or English. Since we do not follow a predefined series of class periods, I may spend one hour on math and two on French one morning, two on math and one on science the next, and one hour French, one English, and one of science the morning after that. Even the number of hours spent in schoolwork changes from day to day, depending on when we wake up, what needs to be done in the morning, and when we have lunch.

Although morning is often referred to as schooltime, we certainly do not work only in the mornings. However, aside from taking tests, most afternoon or evening schoolwork is the 'fun' work we choose for ourselves. For example, I often study programming in the afternoon, and we all work on the website. Although afternoon work tends to be less structured, we may actually put in more hours after lunch than before (this is especially true when we want to update the website soon.)

One thing about cruising is you never really know exactly what you are going to be doing in the future, especially not any any particular day. Because of this, our school schedule tends to be very ragged. To make up for days lost sailing or doing other activities related to cruising, we often do schoolwork on weekends. Similarly, we tend to do schoolwork year-round, except for vacations such as when a friend visits.

Click here for Amanda's and my school pages.

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