13 Jan 2005

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    Happy New Year! I can hardly believe that it's 2005! Are the years getting shorter? Cuz it sure feels that way...

    We left Tradewinds a few days before Christmas, stopped overnight at Makogai, and then headed up to Savusavu... or at least, to the outer point of Savusavu. For Christmas, we really really wanted to be around some nice water and some reef. For a month, we had been in murky, icky water where you could hardly see the hand in front of your face - and the rain didn't help, either. If you don't believe me, ask Dad... he had to go diving in the murk when I (accidentally, I swear!) dropped Mom's wallet in the drink. whoops. (He retrieved it, don't worry!)But we arrived just in time for x-mas, and enjoyed a wonderful raft-up parTAY with a bunch of other boats xmas day. yee-haw!

    After that, however, we proceeded to spend WAY too long in Savusavu. We met some kiwis staying at the hotel, and did a little island tour and went to a copra mill with them - lots of fun. New Years was a bit of a bust, however - there were a few good bands playing places, but it was $6-10 to get in to hear them (not that we couldn't hear them just fine on the boat!) but the only FREE music was a dj at the yacht club who wouldn't know rock if it bit him on the.... yeah. YOU try dancing to rap sometime.

    We escaped there about a week ago, to head down towards Lautoka. My grandfather's coming in a few days, and we wanted a few days to get settled around here before he arrives. So we had a delightful three days of sailing in brilliant sunlight through reefs and such... we caught a fish each day, but one we threw back, one we lost, and the other was a giant trevally and HUGE and it took me almost two hours to fillet the thing, and it had the consistency almost of chicken, but it was very delicious anyways. Still is, in fact, since I think we've only eaten half of it. :D

    We're now sitting in beautiful Musket Cove, with clear water and a nice beach - though I thnk it's owned by the resort on the island. But the resorts are quite friendly, and let us use the pool and such-odd. I think, with Grandco, we'll be staying around the Mamanucas and Yasawas, which means more clear water and beautiful beaches. I'll take it!

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