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October 30, 2005: Boy am I horrible at keeping this up-to-date! We didn't sail to Vanuatu, as the winds were too strong and it was pretty rough. So we headed back to Lautoka and a week or so later I flew to the states to work for a month as crew/au-pair. Good times. Flew back to Fiji with my cousin Tianna (so many cousins...) and went straight into a week of partying at the Musket Cove Regatta! So much fun, and we saw some boats we haven't seen in a loooong time (one for ten months, Seeka, and one for three years - Scud!)


Following that was two weeks at Robinson Crusoe Resort (Likuri Island). A bit long to stay at one island, but the staff were cool and we all had fun. Finally a weather window opened up and we leapt off for New Caledonia!

We've been in New Cal for two weeks now, exploring. Snorkeling at the passes to the reef, mountain biking on the Isle of Pines with the guys from Scud, sailing to un-inhabited atolls, and indulging in a large city with lots of places to shop. Just recently some other teen boats have sailed in - Peregrinata with two girls and Safari, whom we actually met in Likuri, with two guys and a girl. Wild shinanigans will commence!


December 4, 2005: News that isn't on this update... We're in Australia! After a glorious (if slightly meandering) passage from New Caledonia, we arrived in Brisbane about three weeks ago. Since then we've been up the river, having fun in the largest city we've been to in a LONG time. Peregrinata is here with us, and Scud was for a while but they've headed down to the islands to find some waves. I still sometimes can't believe we've made it to Australia!

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