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July 5, 2005:    Oh dear, so much to write, so little time. Overview:


January, February, March - In the Mamanucas and Yasawas with my grandfather and then my cousin Rori. Wonderful islands and beaches and people and resorts and massages and such-odd.


April, May - In the States! Two months of seeing old friends, going to school, and shopping. Wonderful time, I must write more about this at some point... And we dropped Chris off at the University of Washington for some REAL education... Oh yes, and my 16th birthday and Dad's 50th!


June - Back in Fiji. Lots of cleaning of the boat, getting used to Chris not being here. A bit of time in the Lautoka area. My cousin Emmy came to visit; we got light winds, sailed SE to Kadavu! Huzzah. And then she left.



We're back in Suva now, provisioning and getting ready to head off to Vanuatu! I've got a job in the states working as an au pair for a month, and Mom and Dad don't want to spend another month sitting around in Fiji.


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