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2005 Visitors

Tianna enjoying the fragrant orchids of New Caledonia
Amanda's cousin Tianna Hacking

As far as visitors are concerned, 2005 seems to have been the year of the cousins, as we had 3 of them visit.  The year started with us up in Savusavu, Fiji, and Jon having to create his own fireworks display, as the Fijians don't celebrate the New Year that way.  Shortly after that we sailed southwest to Lautoka to be near the Fiji International Airport in Nadi (pronounced Nandi) at the west end of Fiji to pick up Jon's father.

Colin was able to come for 3 weeks and Rori was with us for 5!  They actually overlapped a few days, but that was fine as Rori is, of course, Colin's first grandchild.

In April and May we visited the US so Christopher could choose a university (University of Washington, computer science won!).  After settling Chris into his Advanced Placement tests, driver's license, a place to stay and a summer job, Jon, Sue and Amanda returned to Ocelot in Fiji. Two weeks later, Sue's brother's daughter, Emilia, came down for a visit.

In August, Amanda returned to the USA to help friends crew a chartered powerboat around Desolation Sound in western Canada.  She returned to Ocelot with yet another cousin, Tianna, who stayed with us for 2 months.  Tianna had visited us before in Venezuela but only with her whole family.  She was our first visitor to do a multi-day passage with us - Fiji to New Caledonia.

Our visitors in 2005 included:

Who 2005 Where
Colin Hacking (2nd time) January 17 - February 5 Fiji, Mamanucas
Rori Garfinkel February 3 - March 12 Mamanucas & Yasawas
Emilia June 16 - June 30 Mamanucas & Kadavu
Tianna Hacking September 8 - November 5 Fiji & New Caledonia

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